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Chagos My Home: 

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Chagos Petition:

In March 2012, SPEAK in collaboration with UNROW Impact Litigation Clinic at American University’s Washington College of Law and the Chagos Refugees Group prepared an online petition ("We The People" website ( to the White House – collecting nearly 30,000 signatures (29, 125 to be exact) in thirty days and successfully creating a widespread awareness-raising and support-gathering campaign for the Chagos islanders across the globe.

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Stealing a Nation:

In the film, John Pilger concludes: "Why do we continue to allow our governments to treat people in small countries as either useful or expendable? Why do we accept specious reasons for the unacceptable? The High Court issued one of the most damning indictments of a British government. It said the secret expulsion of the Chagos Islanders was wrong. That judgement must be upheld and the people of a group of beautiful, once peaceful islands must be helped to go home and compensated fully and without delay for their suffering. Anything less diminishes the rest of us."

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A Place Without People:

Anemon Productions award-winning documentary trailor, ‘A Place Without People’: click here to watch.

“A film about how the local population of Tanzania has been evicted to make way for the creation of the world’s most famous nature reserves. Set in the famous Serengeti and the Ngorongoro crater, the film explores how the parks came to be and how western perceptions about nature radically altered both the East African landscape and society. The film focuses on the people who "shouldn't be there", not only because their voices are rarely heard but also because they are still being antagonised and excluded, while the tourist industry is rapidly depleting the area's natural resources.”


No Fire Zone

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